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The most effective way to draw business and traffic from Reddit is to become someone known for giving consistently helpful and informative insight into the Reddit niche communities that align with your target audiences. Many brands, such as Beardbrand and Eric Bandholz, are perfect examples of people who have built an authentic Reddit presence and, in turn, attracted customers and transformed them into advocates by dedicating themselves to one simple principle when interacting with other Redditors: be helpful. If you’re just getting started on Reddit, simply perform a Google search for “<your product or service> + Reddit” and see what communities you find. Once inside, make a spreadsheet of the questions, concerns, and stresses you see people expressing. Each of these is an opportunity for you to be a help and build a reputation for both you and your brand.

Make sure you’re building credibility on Reddit before you dive into promotion. Each subreddit has strict rules, and all of them condemn explicit self-promotion. Think of each subreddit as its own community in which you need to build trust before you become a spokesperson for the issues they’re concerned about. You need to spend at least a couple of weeks commenting, replying, and upvoting the community you want to post to. This is crucial because when the time comes for you to post something related to your company, you’ve already got an audience at your disposal that trusts and values your opinion.

First thing to take note of if you are marketing a business inside Reddit is never spam around your website or a link to it. Maybe you’re an old school SEO, and think that as soon as you submit your link on Reddit, people will discover it or think that Google just indexed it, and that it will become one of your backlink sources that one day will generate traffic. This, however, is one false and incorrect strategy.

In my opinion, the best and only way to market your business on Reddit is to be an active member and voice leader in the subreddit that relates to your business. For example, if you run a digital marketing company, you should be in r/marketing, contributing to the community with comments, suggestions, posts, and answering questions. Over time, you will build up a rapport with the community and they will know you to be knowledgeable and trustworthy in your field, opening up that subreddit to hear you out if you do ever have a service you want to offer.

There are three basic approaches to marketing on Reddit in my opinion—paid, direct, and indirect. Paid marketing involves creating the ads that you probably notice while you’re scrolling by them on mobile. Direct marketing offers different subreddit’s promotions, coupons, or offers for products—pretty much a standard definition. Indirect marketing is where imagination separates the successful campaigns from those needing to have a thread deleted afterward. The noblest approach is to simply have your business’ contact information listed on your profile and become a contributing member of subreddits related to your business’ market. Less noble approaches would be to use throwaway accounts to post links to your business website and purchase upvotes to drive traffic to your business website.

The only way to truly get on Reddit is to do something awesome. From a unique product to a humanitarian act, Reddit is meant to share things that are cool, interesting, weird, or “moderately interesting.” Thus, the best way to market to Reddit is to not market to Reddit. Reddit’s community has a very keen eye for corporate plugs, fake hype, and self-published corporate ads. Instead, focus on your product or service, and make newsworthy strides. Essentially, make Redditors want to share your product or act on their own.

My Reddit marketing idea is to do a bit of competitive analysis and see what worked for your competitors. You can actually see all of their content that has been posted to Reddit by visiting this page. Replace with the domain of any of your competitors. What you get is a list of all their content sorted by the number of Reddit upvotes. You can discover what type of content got the best response (which can inspire you to create something better), you can see which subreddits are interested in what you do, and you can see which Reddit users have the influence within your field.

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